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“I had the pleasure of trying Miss Naughty Brownie last month and was blown away by the quality of the brownies and the customer service of the company. We sent out a variety of brownies to several teams across the US as an incentive and have never gotten so many positive responses! Rana was a joy to work with and made sure I was able to try the product I was giving to our Sales Associates. Definitely a treat not to be missed!”
- J.Yentz, Kohler

 I was introduced to Naughty Brownies through my wife.  She bought them for a gift, to be honest I think it was more for her than me.  They were gone in a day and made for great conversation about why the redhead/blonde/etc. were named such.  Since that day, I have used Miss Naughty Brownie as corporate gifts and they are always very well received and makes for great relationship building and conversation with my customers later.  Miss Naughty has been very flexible with my odd requests for my customers.  She is fantastic, as are her brownies.
- Patrick A. Microsoft

 Fabulous product, inventive packaging and delicious flavors! Rana outdoes herself every time she creates a new taste sensation! -Pamela A. Valiant Design and Marketing

Lady in Red was my favorite brownie because I love red velvet cake and white chocolate chips
- Chuck Steelman, Regional Director,Fashion Group International of Dallas

 "We absolutely loved them and will definitely want to get more! Decadent, naughty & very nice!"
- M. Nussbaumer, Ceylon et Cie

I'm absolutely obsessed with your incredibly delicious brownies! They are sugary, sweet, chocolately, gooey; the perfect treat for a dessert fanatic like myself.
-Nicole R. from the bull & the bun @thebullandthebun

“The edit staff at D has been lucky enough to share a delivery of your desserts this afternoon. One bite of a Naughty Brownie and I wanted to cry!”
- R. Ramsey, Online Managing Editor/Shopping Editor, D Magazine Partners

Oh my! These brownies were delicious! Not only do they taste "Heavenly", they arrived individually placed inside of an adorable 2" square clear food safe plastic truffle box and labeled with business & flavor name of brownie AND all 6 were then inside a 12 1/2" sturdy sleeved box & wrapped as a gift with 1 1/2" wide ribbon & bow, then placed in a clear plastic bag and tied for shipping.They also traveled well via USPS, arrived promptly and what we didn't eat, I placed in the freezer and pulled one out a couple of days later, let it thaw and it was just as delicious as when they arrived! 
I was impressed with both the classy presentation and the very tasty gift inside! Thank you so much!
-K.Reed via Etsy

Wow! Words cant even begin to describe the amaziness of these delish-melt-in-you-mouth brownie. Worth every penny!
- Chandra. M via Etsy

Very good! These brownies are incredible. I have never had anything like them! Guests loved them so much, they were eaten quickly!
-Sheila Carson via Etsy