Rana's Story

I'm so excited to share my story!

My nickname “Miss naughty brownie” was created awhile after my first baking company “Sableh" was launched in 2012, referring to the wildly popular and sinfully delicious Very Naughty Brownies my clients couldn’t get enough of.

 To pay homage to the stunning success of this legendary brownie and as a way to thank everyone that has supported me, I decided to embrace my nickname, change the name of the company to "Miss Naughty Brownie"  — this brownie should be on everyone’s bucket list! 

What is a "Naughty Brownie" you ask? 

 It's the number one question we get asked.They are uniquely shaped so that every individual brownie has three layers: a cookie dough, an Oreo cookie and finally a layer of “out of this world brownies”. That means chewiness, fudginess, chocolate crunchiness in each bite, and that means total taste satisfaction... so delicious you might cry!

 Each of our brownies is handmade using the finest premium ingredients, and of course, none is made with trans fats or added preservatives.

 Miss Naughty Brownie bakes fresh-from-the-oven brownies just for you, pulling out her pans as soon as she hears you placed an order!! 

XO, Rana